Pre-register for classes to reserve your space in the calendar above! If you pre-register and cannot make it, please send us an email at so that we can give your spot to someone else.

Class Descriptions
Classroom is heated to about 75 degrees unless otherwise noted.
Candlelight Flow - A rich vinyasa-inspired practice by candlelight. A great way to start your week.
Foundations - A foundations yoga flow class designed for beginners or students wanting to focus on poses. You will learn the basic alignment and form.

- This sweet, rejuvenating class uses props and the power of gravity to relax and pamper both your body and mind.
Gentle Flow - Wake up gently with this peaceful yet energizing practice. Through a combination of breath work, precise alignment and deept stretching, you will strengthen the relationships among mind, body and soul. All levels welcome.

Happy Hour & Half Flow
 - An Anusara-inspired open level class, Happy Hour Flow is an upbeat, energetic way to transition from week to weekend.

-This class is Hatha-inspired, meaning it will be slower paced so we can hold poses longer, find correct alignment and move with the breath. We'll explore the chakras, anatomy and breathing techniques. You can also expect music to join us via the singing bowl or chimes. Open to all levels.

Heated Power Vinyasa-A dynamic and strong vinyasa-inspired flow. Classes are heated to 85-90 degrees and the heat will keep your muscles warm and limber to help the body detoxify deeply.
Heated Vinyasa Flow with Aromatherapy-Incorporating aromatherapy into your yoga class is a great way to maximize the physical and mental benefits of yoga. This heated power vinyasa class uses invigorating, rejuvenating and relaxing essential oils that will help you deepen and enjoy your asana practice. Class is heated to 85-90 degrees; oil use is optional.
Lunchtime Express Vinyasa- This vinyasa-inspired class invigorates the body, clears the mind and reminds you to breathe; a rejuvenating respite from your work-day! This is a one hour class. Open to all levels.
Muscle & Flow- A unique blend of strength training, core conditioning, and vinyasa flow, all set to vibrant music. Focusing on energy, power and FUN, Muscle & Flow is like no other practice. Open your hearts and minds and jump in for the adventure.
Open Flow- A healing and detoxifying class that exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on moving with the breath, balance and intention. Open to all levels.
Power Body-This class will connect you into your body and breath, allow you to get your yoga flow on, and use your body's own weight to strengthen and tone your arms, abs, legs, glutes, and every little bit in between. Connect, flow, strengthen.
Slow Flow-A graceful vinyasa flow sequenced to keep you moving intellectually in your body, energizing you mentally and physically for the remainder of your day. This is a one hour class.
Yoga + Mindfulness - Release stress to ambient music, candlelight, and an hour of guided yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. You will be taken through a full body relaxation, leaving you refreshed on all levels in a nurturing environment that is wonderful for any level of yoga and meditation practice.
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